2016-2019 (March). “From presbycusis to dementia: a basic and clinical approach”. Anillo de Investigación en Ciencia y Tecnología grant Nº ACT1403. Principal Investigator. Funding amount: $ 450.000.000 Chilean pesos (664.697,00 USD).

2014-2018 (March). “Effects of n-3 fatty acids and endocannabinoids on learning and auditory attention of chronically stressed rats”. FONDECYT Regular Nº 1141276. Principal Investigator. Funding amount: $ 230.504.000 Chilean pesos (340.478,00 USD).

2013-2016 “Regulation of long-term plasticity at inhibitory circuits by acetylcholine: new role of parvalbumin-positive interneurons in the hippocampal function and memory”. FONDECYT Regular Nº 1130614. Co-Investigator. Funding amount: $ 199.997.000 Chilean pesos (295.416,00 USD).